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Speed convertor

Percentage from VMA
100%10 km/h6'
95%9.5 km/h6' 18"
90%9 km/h6' 39"
85%8.5 km/h7' 3"
80%8 km/h7' 30"
75%7.5 km/h8'
70%7 km/h8' 34"
65%6.5 km/h9' 13"
60%6 km/h10'
55%5.5 km/h10' 54"
50%5 km/h12'
Percentage to VMA
50%20 km/h3'
55%18.18 km/h3' 17"
60%16.67 km/h3' 35"
65%15.38 km/h3' 54"
70%14.29 km/h4' 11"
75%13.33 km/h4' 30"
80%12.5 km/h4' 47"
85%11.76 km/h5' 5"
90%11.11 km/h5' 23"
95%10.53 km/h5' 41"
100%10 km/h6'

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